5. Discussion & Conclusion

On the first day when we were given the performance task, we made our groups with ease and met after school with one another to discuss on the given task, like how we were going to power the car with just a mousetrap, how to make it more efficient, what materials to use, and other things. We planned out who was in charge of what, the roles were all given out and we were ready to go.

The next week, we met up at the Info Hub in school and started to plan out how we were going to make the car, drawing drafts and sketches, deciding which one will be the best design to use. We listed down what materials needed to get, and went to buy the items.

During the week after, we started to piece the car together. (More on building section) The car was completed and that was it for the day.

During the next physics lesson, we met up and tested the car, taking videos and making final amendments to the car, and went 11 meters, which was more than enough.

We have concluded that the longer the axel, the further the car will go, as it will have more moment. It will have more moment due to the longer perpendicular distance. Moment = Perpendicular distance x force, and since the mousetrap car which is supplying the force remains the same, moment will increase as the perpendicular distance increases, which is the length of the axel.

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